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Our History

Vanway Team Picture Roadtech Inc, Vanway’s parent company was started in 1990 by Sid Clark, to address a need in the road building industry for engineered roads in rural areas. Often conventional equipment was unable (and was not affordable) to go into the rural areas that needed new roads but was desperately needed. Vanway Road Rock Crushers were built and have evolved to fit a desperate need as well as offer complete efficiency while cutting costs for our clients. Early crushing machines were inferior for the tasks at hand. In 2000, seeing what that original crusher was lacking Sid Clark re-engineered the existing technology to create the more versatile and robust Rock Crusher we proudly manufacture today; the V600 Series Linear Rock Crusher. Sid Clark saw a need in the road-building industry and filled it. This resulted in the most incredible road building machine in the world.

Our Team

Vanway Team Picture of Sid Clark

Sid Clark


Sid Clark, Owner of Roadtech Inc. (link) founded Vanway Crushers in 2014 and has been engineering road building and designing equipment for the forest industry since the 70’s. With degrees in both Engineering and Forestry, Sid has spent decades working with environmental road issues. Making the process of accessing rural areas easier and longer lasting spurred the idea crushing the rock already in place, versus hauling expensive and often unattainable pit crushed rock to a road site with equipment not suited for the job was the only solution. Besides his own love of backcountry Skiing and fishing remote mountain rivers and lakes, Sid realized he needed access that would sustain all seasons and all vehicles. So Vanway Crushers was born because a stubborn, creative road builder said, “Let’s do it right the first time”. That’s what we think it means to be an American Made Linear Rock Crusher.

Vanway Team Picture of Mike Meagher

Mike Meagher

Operations Manager

Mike Meagher is the Operations Manager, Former Fire Chief and a Navy Vet. Decades in Military and Public Service taught Mike that those demands are much like the customers. Give them your best and go forward proud of what you accomplished. Knowing that a job well done is a job you won’t be expected to do over. Mike has worked in the field and plant helping to build the Crushers and the Clientele. His operational skills run as deep as his bloodline in our nation. Everyone who meets Mike seems to be connected to him and if they aren’t already, they want to be after seeing how passionately he cares for his customers.

Vanway Team Picture of Asa Pierce

Asa Pierce

Manufacturing Manager

Asa Pierce is the Manufacturing Manager who installs the technical works, or “brains” of the Crushers. He knows every inch of the equipment and is entirely hands on in the entire build process. He comes from a small town built around logging and his father worked with Sid most of their careers. So, Asa very definitely grew up in the industry of forests, roads and equipment. As well as having his degree in Human Resources and Business, having spent years working for Conagra in administration. He demands perfection from himself and yet is as easygoing as the soft white powder he loves to snowboard on.

Vanway Team Picture of Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Manufacturing Assistant

Mark is Asa’s righthand. In fact, around the plant they are often referred to as “the twins”. Mark came from a background in Mining. He is well suited to hard work and long hours. His quiet and humble demeanor mask his expertise with machinery as well as his skills as a dad! Mark takes his time doing whatever is required to meet a deadline and produce the best rock crusher on the market.

Vanway Team Picture of Dawn Wiksten

Dawn Wiksten


Dawn’s background is in Sales and Marketing. Having owned and operated her own direct marketing company of 30+ years, and retiring, her experience in working with thousands of clients all over the nation gave her a vast appreciation for customer service and the attention each client deserves. Apparently, her decision to retire was short lived. And Vanway is glad it was. Dawn has also spent untold hours as a Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leader. So, she is expertly “trained” for the needs and demands of both adults and children in tough environments. Her philosophy has always been that the clients come first. If you’re happy, she’s happy.

Vanway Team Picture of Rocky



Rocky has been with Vanway Rock Crushers for 6 years. He enjoys working in a clean, organized environment and will not tolerate office drama, unless he creates it. Rocky has puuuurrrrrfect experience in “mousing” for many Fortune 500 companies and moved to North Idaho after catching the tail end of the Silicon Valley .com lay-offs. Rocky takes his job very seriously and will let anyone know if they are not pulling their weight, by giving very disappointing looks and ignoring any type of communication. His likes are basking in golden sunbeams and his dislikes are having to come to work in a suit and when Jazz Musicians call each other “cats” because, “That’s our word” – Rocky

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