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1.How Much Does the Vanway Rock Crusher Weigh?

Dry weight Crusher mode 15,500 Lbs.

2.What Size Loader do I need?

Minimum 3.5 Cu. Yd. machine. 644 J-K Deere, 950G + Cat, 821 Case, etc. Forklifts and other carriers have also been used with limited success. Quick coupler required.

3.What Drives the Crusher?

The V600 has a Tier III diesel 9-liter 345hp fully self-contained power supply coupled to a closed loop hydraulic drive.

4.What type of Rock will the V600 Crush?

The V600 will crush ALL rock types: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. Engineered to process the pesky 2-6” round alluvial sources.

5.What size Rock will the V600 Crusher take?

The physical opening of the crushers inlet is 16”, however even larger easily fractured materials have been processed.

6.How long do the hammers last (crusher mode)?

A lot depends on what materials you are working with. A set of Chromium carbide matrix crushing hammers can last as long as 70-80 hours of crushing in low silica rock types, however difficult to crush and highly abrasive materials will have different wear characteristics.

7.How long to the picks last (roto-scarify mode)?

Again, it depends on the materials you are working with and typically, all the picks will not wear our all at the same time. A single carbide pick can last well over one hundred hours. The Tungsten carbide tips handle abrasion very well but will fracture if forced into harder difficult to break rocks.

8.What is the depth the V600 can go through?

The depth per pass is 4” the roto-scarification (carbide pick) mode. The V600 in crusher (hammer) mode does not penetrate the surface but crushes “on top” of the road to a depth of 16”.

9.How wide is the V600?

The arbor with is 72 inches (working width/pass). The overall with of the crusher is 101 inches.

10.What is the Warranty on the V600?

The mainframe weldments have a 5000-hour warranty. The engine and a few of the other key components have a 2000-hour suppliers’ warranty. The crusher carries a 12 month/ 500-hour warranty with completed training.

11.How many people does it take to change out the hammers and picks?

Both the hammers or picks can be easily changed by ONE person. A full set of hammers can be changed in about 30-45 minutes by one operator. Pick holders and picks can be changed in just a few minutes each by a single operator.

12.How long does it take to change from the Crusher (hammers) mode to the roto scarifying (Pick) mode when they need changing?

In the Field, a Full Conversion can be done within a 4-5 hour period with a 2 man crew. With no drum change required. Less Aggressive Conversions will take less time. The arbor is not changed, just the tooling bolted to it.

13.If I am using the Scarifying tool package to reclaim Asphalt how fast can the V600 Rock Crusher reclaim a 4-inch-depth mile of road?

Depending on the width of the road and number of passes required the V600 Rock Crusher can typically reclaim 1-2 miles per day.

14.Do you have used Rock Crushing machines for sale?

Vanway Crushers currently has the following two used machines for sale: V600H Linear Crusher (pdf) » and C2000 Linear Crusher (Remanufactured) (pdf) »

15.Will the Linear Crusher help me recycle?

YES! In-place. The V600H does not waste precious resources.

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