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Vanway v600H Model Crusher

The v600H AdaptabaseTM Arbor:

The patented design of the V600H’s AdaptaBase™ arbor allows for maximum flexibility for mounting tooling so the V600H can be configured for drastically different functions. The bolt-on design of the arbor eliminates the need for welding tools on, allowing for quick and easy replacement of tools, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. No other system offers such ease of use and versatility.


Chromium Carbide Matrix Hammer

Crushing rock is all about toughness (fracture resistance) and hardiness (wear resistance). The technical explanation can get rather complex, but the simplest way to think about toughness in metals is the balance between strength and ductility. Typically, as strength increases ductility decreases (glass is a good example of this). Conversely, as strength decreases ductility increases (lead is a good example of this). If the adjustable crushing elements aren’t tough enough they will fail and if the hardness isn’t high enough they will wear too rapidly.

To crush the toughest of rocks (basalt & granite trap rock, dense limestone and quartzite) the balance between toughness and hardness must be carefully balanced.

Chromium carbide matrix is significantly different than a commonly used material, tungsten carbide. A chromium carbide matrix consists of extremely hard chromium carbide dispersed throughout an iron base or matrix. It is not quite as hard as tungsten carbide but much tougher. When the chromium carbide matrix is post heated after casting, it exhibits a superior toughness with only slightly less hardiness. The real strength with the chromium carbide matrix comes with massivity. In thin pieces, it can fracture like glass, but since it is much more economical to produce, thicker castings yield good abrasion resistance with a superior toughness. This is why it is industry premium standard for crushing high strength rock.


Vanway’s exclusive chromium carbide matrix hammer is specifically designed to withstand the brutal forces of crushing hard-to-crush rock.



Ground Engagement Depth



Rock, Stone and Concrete


Diametrically mounted up to the max of 64 hammers (16 is typical)



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