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Why Choose a Linear Crusher?

The V600H Linear Rock Crusher builds better roads: it is not a tundra grinder, stump grinder, or surface miner. It is the most refined, purpose built, results engineered, on-road crushing system available. The proof is in the output. When it comes to challenging the status quo, you want the best system you can get. The V600H Linear Crusher is packed full of versatility and capability to make your job a success no matter the situation. Whether you are doing full road rehabilitation in trap rock to opening utility trenches, the V600H Linear Rock Crusher has the tooling and power to make it happen.

As we continue in to the future to maintain our road’s infrastructure, recycling in-place will become standard operating procedure. The Linear Crusher technology naturally fits the demand. We’re helping people like you turn road waste into quality aggregate.

Linear Crushing

Say good-bye to the days of broken bits, high blading, and slinking away in submission. Go ahead, sink the rippers in, make a mess, get aggressive and show that problem spot who is boss! The V600H is right behind you to crush even the most ominous obstacles into velvety smooth crushed aggregate.

Part of a process, the V600H builds the best possible road structure from the bottom up. Layer upon layer of processed and crushed aggregate laminates durability and strength into the road. The optimally blended and fractured output of the V600H infuses strength into each layer. The result: a superior structure that lasts for years and cuts future maintenance work by an average of 400%.

Scarifying with The v600H

Whether it’s asphalt or rocky rural roads, our tooling allows for either roto scarifying or crushing. No one has stronger tooling! Asphalt can now be crushed in 6 foot widths, as deep as 4 inches in one pass. This machine can go deeper of course, in 2 passes. See our videos below to see the possibilities with scarifying projects. You won’t believe your eyes!

After roto-scarifying you’ll be ready for your next step. Whether you need to process again, or to go deeper and blend in additives for base building, you will see the “Full Depth Reclamation” process.

Now you can reclaim thin mat asphaltic surfaces at a rate of miles per day vs. some technology that can only scarify 1\2 a mile in two days. All of this finished by one machine, easily serviced and switched out in the field.

932 Coeur d'Alene River Rd
Kingston, Idaho 83893
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